In line with the instructions received from the Ministry of National Education, a distance education infrastructure suitable for education and training was prepared and free online education programs were started to be given to students.

What are the benefits of online education?

Thus, the education that was stopped due to the corona virus could continue online. One of the most effective solutions in the fight against the corona virus in the field of education is online training. Recently, the following questions have been bothering us a lot; How to do online education, which channel is online education, online education sites and much more. Of course, each answer is different. Online education is different for universities, a different procedure for primary and high schools. What is online education in a nutshell ?

Let’s define. Online education is the name given to the distance education program used with the developing technology. Online education tools are smart phones, tablets, computers and internet infrastructure. Thanks to online education and live lessons, students can continue their education from where they left off. It is aimed to minimize the damages of the corona virus in the field of education, thanks to the make-up lessons planned to be held during the summer vacation and the online training held in this process. Distance education provides advantages in many respects, especially in this process. It is possible to list these advantages as follows.

One of the most important benefits is to make up for the lost time in the best way possible. For both students and teachers, “one-click” training / receiving education is one of the effective solutions in the fight against the corona virus. Thanks to online education, it is possible to experience many advantages listed below.

It is possible to receive training at the desired place and time.
Lessons taken from the comfort of home
Access to information is easy and fast
24 hour training available
No need for multiple procedures to connect to live classes. Connections can be made easily.
It provides significant time savings.
During the live lessons, questions can be asked to the teacher. Thus, the lessons take place in an interactive way.
In case the live lesson is missed or there is a possible internet problem, the deficiencies can be corrected with the recorded videos.
It is possible to save lecture notes.
It is possible to receive training in many fields, not just one field.
No fee is paid for course equipment or course materials. It is sufficient to have only internet infrastructure.
What is the purpose of online education?

We see the benefits of online education , especially . The purpose of this online education is primarily to protect the health of students, teachers and parents. It is aimed that the compulsory break given to schools is not to the detriment of the student and that the education continues without interruption. Online education programs also aim to prevent students from being victimized due to the break given to the school. Classes continue on certain days and hours of the week with the curriculum determined by the relevant school authorities. In these live lessons, teachers continue to give their homework and lectures. Thus, the mandatory break due to the corona virus is planned for the benefit of the students.