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Benefits Of Online Education:

In this article, due to the COVID-19 virus, which affects the whole world, many schools in the worldOnline education I will try to answer the questions that come to the minds of the students upon the transition to the system.

 What Are Online Education Models?

Simultaneous benefits of online education; The lessons are held in virtual classroom environments with the participation of teachers and students at the same time. For students who cannot attend the course for different reasons, the training can be recorded and sent to the student. Separate Time Online Education; all materials, textbooks, videos, etc. that students need. presented in a variety of ways and students can access these materials at any time.

Blended Online Education; In the mixed model, which is created by blending the simultaneous and discrete models, materials are presented to the students and interactive training takes place at the designated lesson times. In interactive trainings, students’ questions are answered, questions are asked to students and deficiencies are completed.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Education?

Unlike formal education, online education makes it possible for students to receive education whenever and wherever they want, regardless of time and place. The trainings, which can be accessed at any time in any place where internet access is available, eliminate the problems of the student such as being late for the lesson, missing the lesson, and being afraid to ask the teacher a question that comes to mind.

What Is The Difference Between Online Education And Formal Education?

In traditional education, teachers allocate certain time to certain topics, but each student’s perception and learning time is different. Online education is student-focused , so each student can repeat the training as many times as they want according to their own learning speed.

Why should I study online?

It provides an opportunity for everyone to receive education.

Everyone has the right to equal education regardless of age, gender, race or disability.

It is the most suitable training model for employees, married individuals and individuals with children.

It allows each student to study at their own learning pace.

Training is given with modern, advanced and interactive tools.

It provides unlimited access to course materials.

It eliminates the transportation, nutrition, etc. expenses that arise with the traditional education model.

Access can be made from any environment with internet, and materials can be downloaded to computers, tablets or phones and used without internet. According to statistics, a teacher can reach a maximum of 100 students per year with the traditional education system, while thousands of students can be accessed at the same time with online education. The student does not have to listen to the topics that he does not see himself as missing, he can spend his time concentrating on the issues that he feels lacking.

What are the disadvantages of online education?

No matter how advanced the technology is, some trainings have to be done with traditional methods. Because with experiments in the laboratory environment, field research, etc. students have to practice. For this reason, online education loses its advantage in certain subjects. Some of the students, who know that they can study whenever they want, wherever they want, may stop focusing on their education with the comfort of this opportunity. Because the cornerstone of online education is the student’s own motivation.

Advantages of Distance Education / E-learning Platforms

  1. Different learning techniques

In formal education, teaching and learning methods are limited, but in distance education / e-learning systems, tens or hundreds of different teaching and learning methods can be possible with digital tools. In this way, you can even make use of the time left between your other works. The fact that online education is modular and independent of time and space in this way shows how flexible it is. In addition, it provides the opportunity to stop and continue wherever you want, which is not possible in formal education, but there is no such difference in distance education methods. In addition, as long as he has a suitable infrastructure (internet, computer, etc.), there is no data restriction in distance education.

It provides options for people who are restricted from being in certain communities due to their cultural and religious beliefs.

Learning method for everyone

Formal education; It is the type of education in which the least variety of e-learning methods, which has thousands of different methods and still new varieties are developed, is used. Many teachers and students may find it difficult to adopt formal education methods, but the variety of online education methods is endless. In this way, the teacher can find the most suitable teaching method and the student can find the most suitable learning method on e-learning platforms .

For those who want to reach their educational goals, online training has now started to replace traditional education. Today, internet connection and a computer, smartphone or any tablet are sufficient to participate in online training. In this article, we cover the topic of online education benefits. In short, online education is systems that provide distance learning by making use of digital tools. With an internet connection and a smart device, you can easily register for any training you want.

Unlike traditional education methods, within the scope of online education, you can find the education you are looking for regardless of whether there are obstacles in your way such as work or family responsibilities. During this training you can also use the flexibility you need for your work. The online education system offers you various possibilities. One of them is the wide spectrum of education. Whether you want to take a course on professional or personal development, you will find what you are looking for in online education.

Distance education has many benefits. You can access the lessons at any time with a single application you can install on your smart device. Thanks to these distance education programs, it has even become possible to receive associate, undergraduate and graduate education. Moreover, the certificate given at the end of the training is valid in many institutions and organizations.

First of all, you can have much more flexibility when planning your business. You’ll have more time to balance your career, education, and home life without the constraints of a fixed schedule. Instead of rearranging your course schedule according to course hours, you can log in at times that fit your schedule. You can complete your course work and homework wherever and whenever you want.

With online learning, you can set a study plan at your own pace. It can provide an advantage in assimilating and keeping the information in the lessons in mind. You can review the material later and it provides an opportunity to watch it back. In general, the lessons will consist of videos and podcasts, so you can listen later at any speed. So you can easily take notes and spend more time on a lesson.

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