Benefits Of Online Education Essay:

Online learning is a must for good learning outcomes. quality delivery equipment The transmission signal is of good quality, uninterrupted. Appropriate online learning content Teachers who understand online learning and have the knowledge to manage knowledge in this system. Learners who are committed to learning If the destination is a home, knowledgeable parents are required and have the time to assist the child’s learning.

If any of the above is missing, then the intention to achieve the goals is definitely problematic. Imagine if all students didn’t have a receiver that was A laptop or mobile phone is the only thing that can take good pictures. Online learning is problematic. (In our house, small children or even older children in the provinces (Especially in rural areas, there is no equal). or knowledge and ability of teachers in online teaching The ability and time of most parents Intentional determination to learn responsibly in a condition without a teacher to supervise, etc. Under this fact of Thai society, “going to school” is therefore not equal to “Online learning at home” for sure.

The Transmission Signal Is Of Good Quality

Even at the university level, learning outcomes will drop a lot. Assume that clauses (1) and (2) above are completely equidistant. However, various subjects Many are undeveloped for online learning. In addition, the teaching is active learning (learners do not listen to lectures. If engaging in stimulating learning through questions and group work aimed at interactions between learners to acquire skills and knowledge) the current acceptance does not occur face to face Many students do not listen fully, eat snacks, chat on the Internet from mobile phones, etc., if left to learn at home without supervision like studying in a classroom. Learning outcomes will definitely be lower.

Evidence From Research On MOOC:

(Massive Open Online Course) online learning by Justin Reich and José A. Rui Pérez- Valientes of MIT, which studied the success and failure of MOOCs, found that MOOC learners of Harvard online courses and Of the 5.63 million MIT students in 12.67 million subjects, only 5-6% of students completed a course or course.

In rural areas that are scarce Many young children’s schools offer free lunches. and have milk to drink every day So not going to school means the loss of children’s opportunities and an increase in the burden of parents in this difficult time. For urban families, parents have difficulty caring for children and navigating online classes when they have to go to work.

 There Are Currently Many Provinces With Low Or No Coronavirus Cases.

(no infected people in 10 provinces; In the past 28 days, there have been no new infections in 48 provinces; (In the past 14 days, there have been no new infections in 12 provinces.) The sooner you go to school means more effective learning and nutrition. with a low risk of COVID

Humans are always at risk. Whether in the matter of injury or death from accidents or illness from various diseases or from COVID, there is no risk at all. for example If you’re afraid of coronavirus, you don’t want to risk infection at all, so wear PPE (the uniform worn by medical personnel like astronauts) wherever you go. But still it’s still not 100%.

The key point is that there is a lot of risk, less risk. Schools in some areas where there have been no cases of coronavirus are considered low-risk, and given that the rate of infection among children is substantially lower than that of adults. The opening of schools in every province, every tambon and village at the same time across the country on July 1 is worth reviewing because each area has a different context.

Private schools, especially international schools, already have strict standards for cleanliness and public health because they have a quality assurance system set up by an international organization. It should also be considered on the school’s opening date.

The need to be all the same for ease of administration is incomparable with the nutritional deficiencies of children. Disadvantages of learning from being at home Most of which have little to learn. because it is not a real online learning system Moreover, I do not believe that there are many parents who have time to devote to their children because they have to make a living.

Effective online learning is not a lecture. or teaching classroom lessons to home-based learners, all subjects that are online must be developed according to its correct form. Understanding that classroom teaching and online tutoring are completely interchangeable is a true deterioration in the learning outcomes for children.

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